Kenjo Foods owns facilities on the cutting edge of technology with more than 100.000 m2,
where the different manufacturing processes are always carried out under the supervision 
of a highly qualified leadership team. 
Around 50,000 tonnes of fruits are yearly processed in all of their different formats, cuts 
and sizes according to the previous established preferences of each client. 
Depending on peak seasons, an average of 400 employees are called to work in order to 
make possible the objectives achievement that the company establishes itself regarding 
quality, presentation and singularity of its products. 
 The culture of good practices relating to hygiene, employees clothing, cleanliness, codes 
of practice and training of each specific position, is perfectly established and carried out 
without exception. 
 Thanks to its spirit of innovation, Kenjo Foods has been able to adapt and evolve itself 
over the years, obtaining as a result of the process, an active and advanced company 
within the sector.  

Quality, food security and R&D

Quality Management System in accordance with HACCP standards and both IFS and BRC
food safety protocols have been implemented by Kenjo Foods as a means of guaranteeing 
the quality and safety of its products and services. 
Kenjo Foods works day to day in a continuous development and improvement of its products. 
For that purpose, it has undertaken important R&D investments,the implementation of the 
latest quality assurance equipments for detecting foreign bodies and a regular checking of 
quality protocols
Kenjo Foods has equipped its facilities with modern laboratories in order to secure the activity 
   *Quality Control Laboratory, in which on line and finished products quality controls are carried         
    out in a continuous way.
   *Microbiology Laboratory where internal microbiological tests are made. A place in which     
    traditional technology of sowing in plate and the most advanced ones of quick microbiology,     
    based on colorimetry, are used together.
   *Waste Water Laboratory with the necessary equipment to make control analytics of
    the water
purification system. 
   *R&D Laboratory,equipped with the technology needed for new products development
Besides internal resources, the company has technological cooperation agreements
with several local and international specialised research centres.



  Kenjo Foods' factories is located in the most important and promising agricultural
region of China. Its many years of activity provide the company with
  a great business relations 
solvency and  the full control of raw materials supply.
  The company has adopted a vertical integration model of the activity by cultivating
 own agricultural 
fields; so as to secure stability and safety when supplying, always
  with the highest quality conditions 
and fruit varieties adaptation required by the

 To make it possible, Kenjo Foods has undertaken investments in both production infrastructures and 
the extension of fruits cultivations,being at the same time the most suitable fruits for the fresh production 
in the region where the company is located. 
 Kenjo Foods currently owns more than 350 fruit tree cultivation hectares. In the planning production, 
fruit varieties location has been differentiated taking into account the most appropriate weather conditions 
for each of them, the organoleptic properties and the harvest calendar.